Myrtle Beach has enjoyed exponential growth in year-round population, tourism, business opportunities, and employment in the past decade, and so have the Jewish Community and the Kosher amenities.

Believe it or not - you can enjoy a Kosher lifestyle and vacation in Myrtle Beach.


Please see below for Tefilla times, recommended hotels, and 




 Visitors are always welcome! 

Our New Location

  615 29th AVE N.

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Ph: 843-448-0035


Daily Shacharit

8:00 AM



20 minutes before sunset


Shabbat Friday Night

candle lighting time


Shabbat Day

10 am Shacharis

Followed by a full sit-down community Kiddush. 
Guests are welcome! Advance notice is appreciated. 


Mincha following Kiddush


Motzei Shabbat Maariv

20 Minutes after Shabbat



Kosher Food


Pita Planet 

The only Kosher restaurant in Myrtle Beach:
Pita Planet- 4025 N Kings hwy unit 5. 
Offers catering for Shabbat by advance order. Call (843) 945-5000 
Under kosher supervision by Chabad of Myrtle Beach. Enjoy!!


For updated times and more info, see their website: Pita Planet Website.  






We inform the public, that the "Jerusalem Restaurant" in Myrtle Beach, is not under the
 supervision of Chabad of Myrtle Beach, and is NOT KOSHER. 
Kosher products may be purchased at Food Lion supermarket
1241 38th Ave N. 
They carry a line of kosher products In five sections. Meat, milk (Cholov Yisrael), frozen, non-perishable, and baked goods. 
We can't guarantee availability of products.


Local  Mikvah


Brand New Women's and Men's Mikvah Facilities

Chabad of Myrtle Beach 

2803 N Oak St

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


For Appointment Please Contact:

Mrs. Leah Aizenman


or email us: [email protected]


Mens Mikvah open daily.


You can check out our new state-of-the-art MEN'S and WOMEN'S   here .


Hotels within 15 minute walking distance:

Sheraton Broadway Resort, 
Sheraton hotel, 
Caribbean resort, 
Breakers Resort, 
Patricia Grand, 
Palms Resort, 
Anderson ocean, 
Dayton house, 
Hilton grand vacation ocean 22

For more information call Rabbi Naparstek at: 843-385-2238

Have a wonderful trip!

Contact us: [email protected]

For general tourist information (attractions, hotels, business opportunities) 

check out


Pesach in Myrtle Beach

Join Chabad of Myrtle Beach

At our new ballroom prepared out of our new kitchen.

Join Rabbi Aizenman and his family for three days excursion at 615 29th Ave North in the center of town.

Two sedarim and two Yom Tov meals, and the Shabbat after.

Yes, it’s going to be prepared by our team at the highest quality, taste and kashrut.

We are limited in space and ability to produce. First come first serve. We will take a limited amount of take out orders.

Registration will open soon online. Menu and price will be published then.

I’ll answer text to my cell (843) 385-2240

Looking forward to a real חג הגאולה together!

Rabbi Doron Aizenman