• SERVICES are now at 615 29th AVE N!Chabad is proud to announce our move to the new location. After 35 years our Chabad Synagogue has a new address! 615 29th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

    This change is just for PRAYER SERVICES
    All Office and School functions are still located at 2803 N Oak St, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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We are a place where every Jewish person is welcome, regardless of affiliation or level of knowledge. Our goal is to create a warm environment for you to explore and experience our heritage in a non-judgmental and inviting atmosphere. Through our welcoming services, thought-provoking classes, and innovative social programming, we strive to create a point-of-entry for every individual. Our motto is "Judaism. Done Joyfully."
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Sometimes the cloud would be upon the Tabernacle for a number of days, and by G-d's command they encamped, and by G-d's command they journeyed. And sometimes the cloud would be there from evening until morning, and the cloud was lifted in the morning and they journeyed...Or two days, or a year, or a month...By G-d's command they would encamp, and by G-d's command they journeyed. (Numbers 9:20-23.) At every stop along their journey, whether it was for a year or for one day, the Children of Israel set up the Tabernacle and made all their offerings. Because they knew that they had been brought to...